Subject: Wooden Wayfarer Owners

From: "Richard C. Harrington" <>

Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2001 21:54:20 -0400



Hello folks,


I'm finally taking the first step in doing something I've wanted to get

started upon for quite awhile - beginning a more comprehensive dialog

amongst our wooden Wayfarer owners.  Over the past couple of years I've

been having more and more correspondence with wooden Wayfarer owners who

are seeking information about the repair or rebuilding of their boats.

This has included centerboards, CB trunks, epoxy and bright finishes,

building new rudders and so no, as well as a completely new build out

(see below).  Some of my more recent e-mail has been posted on our USWA

Cruising web site, <>, which is managed

by Robin Moseley.  I have asked Robin to post all e-mail he receives

regarding 'woodies' because I am seeing more and more interest in our

USWA membership in reviving these beauties.  I believe that this is a

vital area of interest to our members and that we can better serve you by

making as much information available as we can.


Those of you currently involved in projects or pondering a problem should

find the above list of owners useful.  I'm hoping that by going to this

list, or Robin's web page, people will respond and offer advice and

suggestions.  I sincerely request that you copy Robin regarding your

correspondence so that the information can be posted.  Let me now make

just a few brief introductions.


Ted Hall  - Below is Ted's story.  As you can see he is about to embark

upon a major project.  He may need some advice once he gets started.


Dave Brooks -  Dave lives in Texas, spends Summers in Boothbay Harbor

Maine and built he 'woodie' from a kit many moons ago.  Dave and his boat

were featured in "Wooden Boat" magazine.  My guess is that Dave could be

of assistance to Ted (a copy of the article could be helpful?).


Pamela Allister di Carrari -  Pam and her husband are lovingly rebuilding

a old 'woodie' that has seen hard use but still has a strong heart.  They

live in Oregon.


Bill Waller - Has a leak somewhere around the centerboard trunk and is

looking for advice as to how to investigate the problem.  (I'll send out

his e-mail to all.)


Tom Erickson - Is a serious cruiser living in Gardner, MA.  He is

planning to refinish his centerboard with epoxy.


Jim Phillips - Also from MA.  Recently wrote me saying that he has had

quite a bit of experience doing repairs and would be glad to offer



Earl Schnur - Detroit, Michigan area.  He has had extensive experience

fixing up 'woodies' and has been providing advice to several people

(making a new rudder for one).


Craig Stebbins - Seattle, WA.  Recently refinished his 'woodie', inside &

out and has a lot of suggestions in that area, and probably more also.


Hans Gottching - Toronto, Canada.  Hans has taken apart and reassemble a

number of 'woodie'.  He's a valuable source of knowledge.


Okay!  That's just a start.  I haven't done justice to everyone, nor have

I remembered to include all my sources (the faulty old memory's short

coming).  I would like to hear back what you folks think about this idea.


Best wishes - DICK, W887, Blue Mist



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From: "Edmund (Ted) Hall" <>

To: Dick Harrington <>

Date: Mon, 8 Oct 2001 10:20:06 -0500 (EST)

Subject: Hi




Hi Dick,


    Thanks for your offer to help me with woodie questions.

I'm sure that I will have some.  Is the web site:

I haven't seen any discussions of woodies there.  The boat that

I am building was listed on the used boat site.  It is:


Wayfarer Wood Kit from Wayland Marine: It is framed out and would require a

pick-up truck to transport it. The wood is Bruynzeel Mahogany. Boat only,

no spars or sails. Boat only - no spars or sails.  Original cost $3295. (U.S.)

Make offer. Christopher J. Holly, Bloomington, Indiana   (812) 339-0938


    I haven't actually worked on the boat yet.  I have stiffened up

the building jig, wired the garage for electricity, fixed the roll

up door that had been broken for years, and built a level platform

in the garage.  The plan is to move the boat next weekend.

Thanks for writing and your offer.  --Ted  W8705 (Unfinished kit)



Ted Hall

Indiana University Cyclotron

2401 Milo B. Sampson Lane, Bloomington, IN 47408


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