Subject: Re: Cruising North America

From: Richard C Harrington <>

Date: Sun, 17 Mar 2002 23:00:42 -0500






Okay!  I see you are doing the Frank Dye "Sailing to the Edge of Fear"

thing.  Fantastic!  I haven't sailed the southeastern coast much nor the

'intercostal'.  But I assume you've consulted Frank.  I might be able to

put you in touch with a couple of my southern 'W' associates, however

they would likely have limited knowledge.  Once you've reached New

England, more specifically Maine, I'm probably a wealth of useful

information.  I think it took Frank two summers to get to Maine.

Negotiating Cape Cod was a major hassle for him.


I happen to favor the northeastern coast the most.  It is much more

interesting, less populated and you are not spending so much time in the

narrow confines of the intercostal.  If I had only one sailing season at

my disposal I would probably begin at Chesapeake Bay in early May and

shoot for ending up on the Bay of Fundy in New Brunswick.  The coast of

Nova Scotia (particularly the Eastern Shore) is terrific, but crossing

the Bay of Fundy presents a problem--as Frank points out.  I may also be

of some help regarding the Chesapeake and Nova Scotia.


I'm probably doing another single handed Maine cruise myself this year.

This will be in later July or early August.  I would like to keep in

touch with the hope that me might be able to hook up together for a short

spell once you embarked.


I don't have an immediate suggestion for transporting "Wanderer".

Unfortunately Frank's boat has no road trailer (correct), so that means

if you're going to hire a auto still need to obtain a trailer from

someone.  Wayfarer Fleet 3 is located at Lake Eustis, Florida and

consists mostly of retirees who travel back and forth from the north.

Several are from Michigan which is just across the boarder from Ontario.

If you go to our USWA web page you'll find the name of a representative

and an e-mail address for the Fleet 3 folks.  (Mike Murto

<>)  Ask if any of the northern travelers might be able

to assist you with a trailer.  I also thought that Frank was keeping his

boat tent.  If you need a new one Hans Gottschling in the Toronto area

can provide you with one.


Hey, you've got some details to take care of but it's going to be a great



Best wishes--DICK


PS  I'm going to 'cc' a few folks just in case something falls out that

is of value to you.




On Mon, 18 Mar 2002 09:29:19 +1200 "Lee Hughes" <>



> Hello Dick,


> thank you for your kind note. I will be in the US in  August and

> will

> holiday with friends in Wyoming for some weeks before going to

> Ontario in

> fall/winter to collect the boat, equip it and ship it to Florida

> where I

> will begin to cruise it up the East coast. If my visa and my

> finances allow,

> I should take about 6 months to get to Maine, arriving there in

> summer.

> After that, who knows. I'll have more detailed plans nearer the date

> but I

> appreciate the offer of advice. I will be looking for ideas about

> how to

> transport it to Florida and where to start from.


> Cheers,

> Lee



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> > Lee,

> >

> > This is Dick Harrington, the USWA cruising secretary.  It's Friday

> > evening and I've 'tipped a few' so please excuse any typos.

> >

> > Reading some of parts of correspondence between Robin Moseley and

> > yourself (he copied me on some of his reply e-mail) I get the


> notion that


> > you will be doing some cruising over here starting around August. 


> I


> > would be very interested to learn more about your plans and offer


> any


> > advice or help if needed.

> >

> > Regards---DICK

> >

> >