Subject: Fw: W-Mk.1 Fwd. Sidebenches Cut-away.

From: Richard C Harrington <>

Date: Fri, 29 Mar 2002 21:32:36 -0500




Hi All,


Ken Jensen and I were knocking about the idea of how you stow oars,

especially long ones, and he mentioned that the Danes long ago solved the

problem with regard to the FRP Wayfarer.


So if you look at his sketches you can see how the Danes cut away the

forward side benches and replace them with sea chests, thus freeing up

lots of 'blind space'.  The only drawback as far as I'm concerned is that

I like to have my jib track and fairlead down on the side bench.  But

what Ken shows is interesting and no doubt worth sharing with others.


Thanks, Ken.  Great pictures!!




PS  Ken, per your request attached is a scan (file 0001) of the Demark

plotter.  Very simple and easy to use. 



Subject: W-Mk.1 Fwd. Sidebenches Cut-away.

From: "KEN/K.H.Jensen" <>

Date: Fri, 29 Mar 2002 22:16:08 +0100

To: "Dick Rich. C. Harrington" <>

CC: "Rolf Hartvig-Hansen" <>, "Wilhelm W1309 Munthe-Kaas" <>, "Gudtorm+Turid

W7172 Heldal" <>, "Poul W239 Ammentorp" <>

Hi Dick,

Lucky to find this 35 years old sketch!  If you hav'nt been in a W. like that you got no idea of the

roominess gained. Our Sea-chests are 39 x 27 x height 23 cm and stow under the main thwart during

start, approach+landing manoeuvrers, getting the out-board out from under the fordeck(it is stowed

athwartship just fwd. of the kingpost), roller-reefing, anchoring, handling folding crab-bing nets

etc.  These Sea-chests are attached by a nylon string to the toestraps, but can be moved about, and

evt. both be placed on one side of the CB-casing to make room for a sleeping crew-member.

Lucky to have a up/down adjustable goose neck I have taken my late mother and mother-in-law sailing

under roller-reefed mainsail alone, where they were(82 years) sitting comfortable on the sea-chests

with their backs leaning against the frontdecks with plenty free headroom and not a worry about

getting knocked/banged by the boom.  O'kay an inside the skerries tour but in a fresh wind of about

9-11 m/sec., and  they enjoyed it !

As mentioned the 220 n.m. 'Around Zeeland Race' made me do it, and face to face Ian Proctor and I

have debated it, and he admitted that the OBS! re. the wooden/composite Mk.1 would make the Mk.

1-versions equal.  Later he designed the glassfibre Mk. 2 with removeable fwd.-sidebenches.

                            Best W-regards  Ken