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Hi, Richard:


A wonderful story that I will put into our Weekly Whiffle on my CWA web site. Excellent advice from Robin. One thing I might add is that if you get in touch with Abbott Boatworks, talk with Scott Town. He is one of Canada's best W sailors and is now working at Abbott. He will be able to steer you in the right directions and make sure you get exactly what you need. Best wishes for happy sailing,


Uncle Al (W3854)


BTW, do you have any pictures of your boat that I could post?

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Thanks for the nice e-mail about your Wayfarer.  I am copying a few of the other

wayfarers in the US and Canadian organizations in case they have further suggestions

for you.  I suggest you take a look at the "for sale" items on the Canadian Wayfarer

Associotion web page:


There are sails for sale on there that will save you some money!  Check it often,

as well as the for sale section of the US Wayfarer web site (

as there may be other parts for sale. 


For new parts, I suggest you first try Abbott Boats:


They should be able to get any parts you need for the Wayfarer.  The hard core

sailors out there will stear you to buying a Proctor mast which must be shipped from

England (Abbott can get them).  They are really nice but also more expensive so

you will have to decide what to buy.  The folks at Abbott can give you choices.

I believe you can order parts from England as well but I could not get their web

site to come up so I am not sure how to contact them (Porter Brothers Ltd.).


If you have a wood shop at home you might be able to make your own rudder and

centerboard.  I am sure that one of the association members can come up with the

drawings for them if we ask.  There is a great picture of a rudder in the market

section of the site for a sold boat:


I wish you the best of luck!


Robin Moseley   -  W1445

USWA Webmaster


Vicki Budden wrote:

Greetings Robin,  I own a fiberglass wayfarer that has some age and use on her.  My brother in law was the manager of the USNA boat yard a few years ago in Annapolis, md.( we live on the eastern shore of Md. on the chester river)  While walking around the marina one cold winter day I came upon their scrap pile.  This is a pile of old boats, parts,  about everything a large marina on a base might have. They push this stuff around with a bulldozer and crush it into a pile to be hauled to the dump. I saw in this pile a pretty hull and looked closer and she was a wayfarer. She had just about everything there, except the mast was missing about two feet at the top, no sails, no rudder, and a make shift centerboard and -she was in terrible shape.  I asked if I could purchase her and was told "this stuff was all going to the dump" and their was nothing I could do.  I pleaded with my brother in law, if their was any chance I could purchase her, he said he would see what he could do. Over the months I asked , but I received no answer to my questions.  That June he invited me to the boat yard and to my surprise, there she was all painted, with sails ready to go, what a great gift. We have sailed her over the last few years with our children on the river, she is a great boat. When he put her in condition to give her to us, he cut the mast where it was broken and attached the rig to that place and purchased some used sails to fit.  I would like to restorer her, new mast, sails, centerboard and rudder.  If you would be so kind to give me some coaching on where I might purchase these items I would greatly appreciate it.                      



                                           take care,                        email