Hi, Ken:


No Wayfarer building from plans is allowed. The matters has been well debated a number of times but each time the sticking point has been that the Wayfarer is a tricky boat for an "amateur" to build in such a way as to have it measure in and be a sound boat. So, the closest you'll come to building one would be the partly completed kit for sale in Cleveland that is posted on my web site as pointed out by Robin - it has a couple of photos.


The other possibility would be to find an old woody to revive. This is being done on a fairly regular basis. If you like, I'll post such a request on the Whiffle Web for you (free). Good luck.


Uncle Al (W3854)


PS: If you end up buying the kit, please inform me so that I can remove it from the listings. Thanks.


Hi Tim:

The only Wayfarer builder currently active in
North America is Abbott Boats in Sarnia, Ontario. His boats are fiberglass. There is also an English builder.

You used to be able to purchase a kit, but I am not sure that option is now available. The rights to the design are held by Keith Proctor in
England. His e-mail address is: keithproctor@regenerate-uk.org

There are used boats which appear on the market from time to time. If we learn of them, they are posted on our web site at: www.uswayfarer.org.

We have active Wayfarer sailors (especially cruisers) in your area. If you do purchase a Wayfarer, we could "connect" you with them.

Do not hesitate to write or call should you need further information.

Mike Anspach
USWA Commodore

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Hello U.S. Wayfarer Assn-

I first learned about the Wayfarer Dinghy from an
article in Small Boat Journal back in 1985 ("Wayfarer
Labrador" by Geoffrey Heath, SBJ, Sept. 1985, P.
50).  Recently I found that old issue and began
looking into whether the boat was still around.
Through the magic of the Net I found you all.

I am trying to find out if anyone sells plans for the
boat so that I could build one myself.  It seems that
back in '85 a shop in
British Columbia sold a kit, and
from various links on your site I see an outfit in
Ontario now builds them in glass.  Surely someone must
own rights to the design.  Can any of you offer any
insight into how I might find the plans I am seeking?
Do you know of anyone who would be a resource for
prospective builders?

Thank you and I appreciate your time.


Tim Shaw
Bethesda, MD

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Ken Krumdieck wrote:

Just wondering if you might know if there are available plans for building a
wood Wayfarer.  I'm not planning to race ( been there, done that) but the
idea of crusing in a dinghy is intriguing. And if I could build one that
would be an additional  pleasure. Any help you can give me would be greatly