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OK!  Yes, I'm pretty sure my small jib is the "W-jib", i.e., 30 sq. ft.

I inherited it from the widow of the prior owner of Blue Mist who still

was using the old English Lukas sails.  (They were so old that they had a

deep 'tan' color.)  The small jib was a later addition made by one of our

local sail makers.  It is a nice size.  The top 1/3 of the sail amounts

to nothing, but the lower 2/3's is big enough to create the slot needed

to allow good pointing to windward.  Also, downwind and winged out it is

a good addition.  (Note:  The small jib originally was hanked onto the

forestay.  This is undesirable because it makes changing jibs too

difficult.  I converted the jib to a tight luff wire so that I can drop

or raise the jib from a next to the mast position.  Sometimes I put both

jibs in the bow tack shackle and tie one onto the for deck.  With my

"loop and ball" clew connection to the jib sheet it's simple and easy to

drop one jib and raise the other.)  Unfortunately I don't know the

dimensions, but any reliable sail maker should be able to get it.  If you

would like me to put a tape measure to the sail it is no trouble and I'll

be glad to give you my numbers.


By the way, with all 4 boats single reefed in Friday's +20 knot wind and

2 -3 foot waves, I was pleased to see that we were just as fast, both on

and off the wind, as the boats flying genoas.  It seems to indicate that

under those conditions the size of the jib is less important.  So we were

more comfortable and still sailing just as fast as the others.


Three of us bought new racing sails (genoa & main) from North Sails in

the fall of 1998.  Typically sail makers will start offering discounts

(usually 10%) in September & October (sometimes November).  We did a

little better on the discount because of our quantity.  The loft we

worked through was North Sails Vermilion, 6531/2 Main St., Vermilion, OH

44089 - ph: 440-967-9576.  However, the sails were actually made in a N-S

loft located in Toronto.  I recommend that you work through a

representative closer to you.  You'll get better service and will be able

to resolve any problems much easier.  Although I really like the racing

sails and believe them to be excellently built, if I were to do it over

again I think I would choose the 'Club' sails instead.  The hard and

stiff racing sails are not as practical for cruising and for all that I

know may not hold up as well to cruising treatment, reefing, etc.  Also,

the racing jib (made from tempered cloth with that wire mesh looking

square grid seen in mylar sails) has a hot knife raw cut leach edge which

I don't like.  After a couple of outings mine started to show some little

tares along the leach, so I taped the edge with sail tape.



BP (racing) Main - $438;  Club Main - $385;  Adder for window

(recommended) - $45;  Adder for reef - $60 (each)


MG (racing) genoa Jib - $250;  Club genoa Jib - $212;  (Window

automaticly included)







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> Dick,

> The 'jib' I was asking about was the smaller foresail you used on

> the day we

> sailed together --not the 'standard' Genoa.   I was not sure from

> looking at

> the pictures what it's apx. size was.


> Your price for the racing Genoa circa '98 is a very good one, even

> adjusted

> for inflation.  Did you work through a particular North

> establishment?

> Perhaps you could send along the reference.


> Thanks,

> Tom


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> > Tom,

> >

> > Over here we use the term "jib" loosely and usually mean the

> genoa.  A

> > standard suit of sails consists of the genoa and main.  Abbott's

> catalog

> > specs the genoa @ 4.27 sq. meters, or 46 sq. feet.  A jib @ 30 sq.

> feet

> > is really the "jib", a smaller sail used mainly by open water

> cruisers.

> > You will also find the British using "cruising genoas", which come

> up

> > somewhere between the two in size.

> >

> > In '98 I purchased a racing genoa from North Sails for $250 (less

> > discount).  (Main with window was $483 less discount.)  The

> standard

> > "Club sails" jib and main (softer cloth) were cheaper.  I don't

> know who

> > makes Abbott's sails or how well made they are.  (Uncle Al may

> wish to

> > comment!!)

> >

> > Good luck----DICK