Date: Fri, 17 Aug 2001 12:05:07 EDT

Subject: FAO Mark Morilak, Editor Euclid Sun Journal

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Local Resident Sails Across Irish Sea

Dick Harrington of Euclid, Ohio, led the way into Strangford Lough, Northern

Ireland, for the start of the Wayfarer Sailing Dinghy Regatta 08.08.2001 to

08.17.2001. Waiting eagerly for them at the Yacht Club were his proud wife Margie

Harrington and his friend's wife Alice Tyrrell.


Margie's brother is Bill Cervenik, Euclid City Council President. 

Dick had sailed across the Irish Sea from Scotland to Ireland, in a 16 foot

Wayfarer sailing dinghy, W7241 'Yellow Misfit' with an English friend Dick

Tyrrell in company with another Wayfarer dinghy.  They were enthusiastically

greeted at the Lough mouth by other Wayfarer dinghies and support boatsfrom

East Down Yacht Club.


The cruise from Scotland was the opening event of the Regatta which attracted

two hundred competitors in a hundred boats from USA, Canada, Holland,

Denmark, the UK and even one boat from the Isle of Man. 

The Wayfarer is a strict one design class originated by the famous yacht

designer Ian Proctor, suitable for both racing, family sailing and cruising.

At the Regatta boats built between1958 and 2001 competed on level terms.


Crew skill in challenging wind and tide conditions deciding the outcome of

each race. The Class has great camaraderie whether racing or cruising, and the Craic

each night after sailing is tremendous. The Irish Wayfarers arranged for

visitors who flew in to borrow local racing Wayfarers to compete in, a

tradition of the Worlds wherever they are held.


The event has enjoyed very generous support from the Yacht Club members, and

Down District Council, Whitewater Breweries, & Modern Office Supplies.  


Dick Harrington is an active member of the United States Wayfarer Association

and is an active racer and cruiser, particularly on the Great Lakes, Maine

and Nova Scotia.


He and Margie sail together and are now enjoying a short auto tour of Ireland

before flying home from Dublin. They plan to sample the Craic and enjoy the

glorious scenery all the way down to Dublin.

Margie commented how green and fresh Ireland was after the long dry spell in Ohio.


Both Dick and Margie were overwhelmed by the warm welcome extended to them by

everyone they have met in County Down and throughout their travels in Ireland

ashore and afloat and hope more Americans will come over to experience that welcome.

To find out more about Wayfarering, hit the USWA Web Site at which has links to all the major Wayfarer Class websites.

>From Alice & Dick Tyrrell

Joint Editors

Wayfarer News (the Class Magazine)

The Wayfarer News is published 4 times a year, 80 pages (16 full colour)

print run 2700 distributed internationally to leading members of the




Attached are two photos scanned in at 300dpi and sent as JPEG files.

First picture is Dick Harrington on the left and Dick Tyrrell at the stern of

Yellow Misfit. Second photo, shows Dick Harrington holding the boat just prior to

setting off from the Scottish shore, in unusually fine weather.


Dear Dick & Margie,

above is the e-mail sent to the editor of the Euclid Sun Journal. I did not

remember your e-mail address until I looked it up today.

Alice and Dick.