Subject: Re: CB ?

From: "Richard C. Harrington" <>

Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2001 22:01:35 -0400





Bob Frick keeps an up to date listing of used boats.  Also, Al Schonborn

keeps a listing on the Whiffle web.  The two of them are more likely to

hear about something near by you than I am.


Yes, Tom Graefe did a fine job of writing up the Chaumont Bay rally.  I'm

not surprised, but nevertheless disappointed, to learn that Jim & Brenda

are selling their Wayfarer.  I had just gotten accustom to having a

couple of realy great hard workers supporting me.  I knew that they had

bought a bigger boat.  They didn't seem to fell comfortable sailing on

the bigger, rougher waters up there on Lake Ontario with the Wayfarer.

The capsize in the harbor must have been the final straw.  I love the

Wayfarer, but it isn't the answer for everyone.


I just finished epoxing the old wooden doors to our garage.  They were

really weathered and dried out, but should be good for another 20 years

now--after I paint them.  Cheaper, faster and better than installing new

metal doors.  (That white pine from 40 years ago was nice stuff.  Can't

see wasting it!)


On your CB you need to try for a minimum of three and maximum of five

coats--spread THIN.  Mix micro balloons and epoxy to a thick paste for

filling and fairing first.  You can try hanging the board.  Running of

the epoxy isn't the problem, but getting the board so that you can apply

pressure on the roller to make the THIN coats is a bit difficult.  You

also need to "tip" the epoxy with a foam brush to smooth out the stipple.

 I would put the board on a solid rod, where I can get to both sides, and

use the tip of the board as a hand hold, which I would finish off last.

You apply one coat then wait until it is dry to the touch before applying

the next.  In 60 - 70 dg. dry weather this should take an hour or less.


I'm still thinking of finagling my way down to the Chesapeake

somehow---but can't talk about that just yet.  Hope to have some

interesting stuff to show and tell regarding Ireland shortly.


Hope you had fun at the Cape.  A great place but possibly a little rich

these days, eh?





On Sun, 05 Aug 2001 22:41:49 -0400 "Thomas Erickson"

<> writes:


> Hi Dick!


> Hope you had a wonderful time in Ireland, looking forward to reading  your

> reports in the Whiffle.  They did a nice job of covering the Rally.


> I've had two friends in the last few days ask about Wayfarers; took one out

> on my boat and he and his wife loved it although she thought it a bit

> complicated.  I suppose it seems so until you knowe what ropes to pull, then

> it all seems so handy.  If you hear of any used boats ($2- 3K) in our area

> let me know.  I see Jim and Brenda are selling, it's a bit steep for my friend.


> You wrote me months ago about refinishing the CB with several coats of

> epoxy.  I'm going to do that soon.  ? Did you have to lay it flat and do one

> side at a time or were you able to hang it vertically and do both sides? 

> Wouldn't it run if vertical?


> I stripped my CB before the season because of that jam (paint blistering) I

> had last year at Champlain.  I just put one quick coat of paint on it but

> now I'm going to take that off and do the epox.


> I'm going to send in my sails at the end of the season; have the older

> (mouse eaten) one repaired and have reef points put on my new one.  (I would

> never go out without reefs.  Just the other day when I took my friend out we

> pulled down a reef when a thunderstorm blew in for a while.)  where can I

> read about your shock cord method?


> I'll be sailing at the CApe next week as we are vacationing there.  After

> that I hope to get a least one overnight (maybe in Maine) in before school.


> Take care!


> Tom



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