2002 Lake Champlain USWA Cruising Report and Photos
Greetings gang,
Well, should I be one of those people who has an ego problem I might be
thinking right now--I bet they are saying "what in the world has happened
to Dick Harrington?"  Shall we dispense with that first?
I've been busy having fun sailing.  Only a little more than a week ago I
was still gazing across the beautiful clear blue waters of northern Lake
Superior, continuing to be amazed and mystified by her majestic densely
forested mountainous shores and rocky islands.  Rob Golding, an
Englishman whom I had never before met, spent two weeks with me sailing
this wilderness coast of the greatest of the Great Lakes in "Blue Mist". 
 Rob is not only a excellent sailor, but also managed to put up with my
idiosyncrasies and antics without the slightest whimper for the whole
time.  Since during the whole trip we saw less than a handful of humans,
hardy folks kayaking and camping, did he have any recourse?  The black
bears we encountered certainly weren't all that obliging.  Anyway, please
accept my apologies for not answering all your very kind e-mail regarding
the Lake Champlain rally this past several weeks, as I've been either
engaged in the process of preparing for the cruise, on the cruising, or,
alas, cleaning up the mess afterwards.  Margie's laundry basket still
remains pilled high!
Several of you have e-mailed to express your enjoyment and enthusiasm for
the Lake Champlain cruising rally.  The rally was not all that difficult
for Margie and I since, as I hope you know, we had lots of help.  Al
Schonborn, though having his hands full helping and supporting the CWA
with the racing program as well as keeping up with the Whiffle web, has
consistently supported and helped in the planning these rallies.  I
listen carefully to his advice.  Tom and David Greafe have also provided
helpful support, and I for one, am especially grateful for Dave's skill
at cooking steaks and baked potatoes over an open fire.  As far as I know
(except for some of us camping in a swamp) there wasn't a single
complaint or unhappy episode.  
Although, as a rule up to now, we've attempted to have the rally at a
different location each year so as to vary the venue there seemed to be a
strong sentiment to have the rally next year at Burton Island again. 
(Next year we'll get you a better handle on the preferred campsites.) 
Lake Champlain seems to be the favorite location.  Now that you've had
additional time to mull things over I would like to revisit this topic
one more time.  Those of you that will please confirm you feelings.  Do
you still prefer Lake Champlain next year (knowing that in 2004 the rally
will be a combined event with the International Wayfarer Rally at Parry
Sound, Ontario)?  Do you prefer Burton Island as opposed to Button Bay? 
Is there something else you want to suggest?
On the way back from Lake Superior we drove through the town of Parry
Sound.  Parry Sound it's self is midway up Lake Huron's Georgian Bay and
is a very large and deep sound that connects to the main lake.  It is an
area of scenic bold granite rock formations, green spruce clad shores and
islands, cool clear waters, and good sailing winds.  The town is a
tourist's delight--picturesque and quaint with numerous shops,
restaurants and tourist attractions.  I feel very positive about this
place as the location for our combined North American/International Rally
in 2004.  However, there is one draw back that I'm going to warn you
about right now.  Getting through Metropolitan Toronto is a true
nightmare.  I'll bet that even the most hardened drivers from Chicago and
LA would pull their hair out in such traffic--bumper to bumper for
several hours in any direction.  Be warned!  Make sure to plan your
travels through this city in the wee hours of the night.
Lastly, Margie and I have some photos which I'm going to scan and attach.
 Not too many of course and unfortunately we didn't get shots of
everyone.  Just too many bases to cover and not enough time.  I would
like to get a write-up, or two, from some of you of the rally which we
can post on the USWA web site, as well as the CWA Whiffle web, and the
USWA magazine, "The Skimmer".  Al has some nice photos already up on his
site and I'll be glad to forward all of those that I have.  I believe I
talked to several of you about making a contribution, but any volunteers
will be very much appreciated.  You can e-mail to me or go directly to
the web masters and editor themselves:
Bob Frick  rwf3975@Juno.com
Robin Moseley  moseley@DNTechlnc.com
Uncle Al  uncle-al@cogeco.ca
I'm back!  Happy sailing and best wishes,
DICK & MARGIE       

Arrived at Last


Diane, Margie, Bruce L. & Allan W.


The Ericksons


Margie Keeps Jake’s Feet Dry!


The Pleglers


Safely home on Burton Island


The Line up!


The Wallaces


Woods Island Beach